Golden Corral Meat Cutter -- Golden Corral -- Montgomery, AL (Eastern Blvd.)

Company Name:
Golden Corral
POSITION SUMMARY:The Meat Cutter's performance and the ability to cut for quality and quantity of product have a significant impact on
the guest's dining experience. Top quality meat cutting ensures that the restaurant uses its product to optimize profit
and that the Golden Corral guest receives full value in both product and Production:o Cuts meat according to product specifications and time standards.
o Complete use and following of the buffet production system to insure quality and shelf life compliance.
o Rotates cut and boxed meat to ensure freshness.
o Stocks and arranges the Meat Cooler in accordance with approved food safety guidelines.Cleanliness:o To eliminate cross-contamination, sanitizes all surfaces between production of chicken and any other
o Recognizes that meat is bad when it is sticky, slick or smells bad.
o Cleans and sanitizes the meat room according to Cleanliness, Service, and Quality (CSQ) standards.
o Follows local health department laws.Adherence to Standards:o Uses administration forms to maintain an inventory of all meat products and to determine the production
o Notifies the Manager of any discrepancies in product or equipment.
o Performs opening and closing administrative procedures.
o Properly maintains equipment according to the Equipment Maintenance manual.
o Performs duty roster tasks.
o Performs other functions that may be necessary to ensure guests receive a pleasurable dining TRAINING REQUIREMENTS:Successful completion of Safe Tracks, Golden Corral's Co-worker Food Safety and Sanitation course, and
participation in Fast Tracks, Golden Corral's Co-worker cross-training program. Experience in food preparation
preferred, but not required. Proof of food handler certification may be required for individuals in those applicable
states.OTHER REQUIREMENTS:Position requires standing and walking 3-4+ hours without a rest break. Regular, heavy (20-80 lbs.) lifting and
carrying; bending and reaching is required. Work environment requires the use of tools such as a meat slicer, grinder,
and knife and a forceful grip is required for the use of these tools. Work setting is within the restaurant. Pushing and
pulling is required for cleaning responsibilities, as needed. Compliance with position uniform standards and
adherence to all company policies and house rules are required.

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